Richard Rierson Podcast

0001-2Leadership demands an inquisitive mindset; we must be curious if we are going to be leaders.  Leadership growth is stimulated by asking “Why?”.

Many people will never ask why enough in their lifetime; they feel that it is not their place or obligation.  I believe that we are all born to be naturally curious, but somewhere along the way we are taught not ask too many questions.

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This is a shame because asking why is often the catalyst to transformational growth and change.

I also believe that all of us can “learn” to become curious again; as leaders we are required to pursue & cultivate our curiosity.  So how do we do it?

In this podcast episode I talk about:

  • Believing that we can be curious; curiosity comes from a desire to learn – so desire to learn!
  • Having a beginner’s mindset; this stokes the fire in your heart for leadership growth.
  • Making WHY your favorite word; “why” gets to the core reason, intent, & purpose
  • Surrounding yourself with other curious people; this will stimulate your own curiosity.
  • Having the discipline to learn something new everyday.
  • Partaking in the fruit of failure; failed experiences allow us to “learn” not “lose”.
  • Stop looking for THE right answer; leaders don’t assume there is ONLY one right direction.
  • Getting over ourselves; trying new things may mean we will look foolish.

Curiosity is the key to leadership growth.  While we can be happy with answers, accomplishments, & milestones, we must never stop asking questions.  Curiosity can make up for so many natural weaknesses in our own lives.

We owe it to ourselves as leaders to put no limits on our own curiosity.

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