No Egos In The Cockpit

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“I don’t care what you think about me or what your perception is of me as a pilot & aircraft commander.  No matter how I’m perceived at any given moment during our flight…never assume anything.  There are no egos in this cockpit – if you see something that doesn’t make sense, speak up.  At the end of the day do …


Commander’s Intent

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The challenge of execution is not a new problem.  In fact it is probably one of the most documented and enduring problems that organizations face. For decades Leaders & Managers have lamented that one of their most frustrating issue is the inability to successfully execute their most important initiatives. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list & receive my free …


Explosive Leadership Growth

Richard Rierson Podcast

For years my focus on leadership development & growth was centered around the idea of attracting & influencing followers.  I think most leaders believe the pinnacle of successful leadership is having a dedicated and devoted team of followers who look to you for guidance. But focusing your leadership ambitions on creating loyal followers is short-sighted; you can certainly grow and …



Richard Rierson Podcast

Leadership demands an inquisitive mindset; we must be curious if we are going to be leaders.  Leadership growth is stimulated by asking “Why?”. Many people will never ask why enough in their lifetime; they feel that it is not their place or obligation.  I believe that we are all born to be naturally curious, but somewhere along the way we …

Time Management

The Myth of Time Management

Richard Rierson Podcast

Time management is a true oxymoron; none of us can truly manage time.  Time continues whether we attempt to manage it or not. Time comes at us in the same exact increments no matter how fast you think, act, or plan. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list & receive my free Common Sense Leadership Guide! But as Henry …

Decision photo 2

Decision Making – The 75% Solution

Richard Rierson Podcast

The best way to crush mediocrity in our personal & professional lives is having the ability & courage to make sound and timely decisions. To make sound decisions you certainly know your mission, what you’re capable of doing to accomplish it, & what possible traps or obstacles that could get in your way. Click here to subscribe to my mailing …

CL015: Dealing With Pain & Loss

Richard Rierson Podcast

Pain & loss are inevitable facts of life; how you choose to deal with them is what can turn your failures into your greatest successes. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list & receive my free Common Sense Leadership Guide! The encouraging reality of dealing with pain & loss is that good management of bad experiences leads to great …

CL014: Setting the Example

Richard Rierson Podcast

Setting the Example is such a basic leadership fundamental; I usually lead off with this tenant in all of my leadership talks. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list & receive my free Common Sense Leadership Guide! It’s one of those basic, common sense, leadership principles that when we hear it we say to ourselves, “of course, I understand …

CL013: Developing Self

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One requirement of leadership is to “know yourself & seek self-improvement”.  To understand your true potential you must get comfortable and be honest with the person you see in the mirror. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list & receive my free Common Sense Leadership Guide! It’s astonishing to realize how many of us deal with low self-image and …

CL012: Promote Initiative & Assertiveness

Richard Rierson Podcast

I absolutely hate mediocrity; I cannot stand the idea of settling and not stretching to our full potential.  I think as leaders we are obligated to shoot for better than average or mediocre. Creating an environment of initiative, assertiveness, and aggressive enthusiasm is a leadership requirement. As a leader if you have ever settled for the status quo and then …

CL010: Intentionality

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Personal Growth is not a natural process in most people’s lives. In this podcast I discuss how being intentional is the first step in your personal & leadership growth; and I highlight John Maxwell’s “Growth Gap Traps”: The Assumption Gap – “I assume that I will automatically grow.” The Knowledge Gap – “I don’t know how to grow” The Timing …

CL009: Confidence

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Confidence is a cornerstone of authentic leadership; it’s also at the “core” of a natural charismatic leadership style. Intuitively we all know that we need to be confident to be leaders; we naturally follow and are drawn to confident leaders. So the question becomes how do we gain confidence? It certainly comes with knowledge and experience.  But the unfortunate reality …

CL008: Leading Yourself

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One of the greatest leadership challenges is the actual act of leading ourselves. Some things to consider/some brutal facts to face when we deal with self-leadership: Activity does not necessarily equal accomplishment. Leaders who aren’t focused aren’t as effective as they could be. Human nature seems to endow us with the ability to size up everybody in the world except …

CL007: Everyday Acts of Courage

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When I think of the concept of courage I’m often drawn towards those larger than life, uncommon examples of valor that are held in reverence and awe. For example, Medal of Honor recipient Sgt John Basilone on Guadalcanal repelling 3,000 Japanese for three days and nights without sleep, rest, or food; or Neil Armstrong taking control away from the computer …

CL006: Hack the Clock (or How to Remain Calm Under Pressure)

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It’s inevitable that at some point in your life you will face a situation that will require you to remain calm under pressure. Your child is choking, a customer is irate and irrational, a team member is not pulling his weight, you come upon a car accident, you fly your aircraft through a flock of birds on take-off and lose …

Nose Gear Collapse

CL005: Rules, Regulations, & Common Sense

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Rules can be a good thing.  We need them in our society for order, civility, and safety. In the aviation community, pilots literally live and die by them.  It’s been said that a pilot’s Flight Manual (rule book) is written in blood; you don’t follow what’s in the rule book, bad things can and will happen. In Navy/Marine Corps aviation, …