Explosive Leadership Growth

Richard Rierson Podcast

0001-4For years my focus on leadership development & growth was centered around the idea of attracting & influencing followers.  I think most leaders believe the pinnacle of successful leadership is having a dedicated and devoted team of followers who look to you for guidance.

But focusing your leadership ambitions on creating loyal followers is short-sighted; you can certainly grow and be an effective leader by leading followers.  But if you really want to maximize your leadership and catapult your life & organization to a completely different level, you need to dedicate your time & energy to developing other leaders.

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There is no other way to experience explosive growth.

In this podcast episode I talk about how becoming a leader who develops other leaders requires a completely different mindset and focus. I highlight the differences between leaders who attract followers & leaders who develop leaders as stated in John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership:

    • Leaders Who Attract Followers…Need to Be Needed ; Leaders Who Develop Leaders…Want to Be Succeed
    • Leaders Who Attract Followers….Develop the Bottom 20 Percent ; Leaders Who Develop Leaders Develop the Top 20 Percent
    • Leaders Who Attract Followers….Focus on Weakness ; Leaders Who Develop Leaders Focus on Strengths
    • Leaders Who Attract Followers….Treat Everyone the Same ; Leaders Who Develop Leaders Treat Individuals Differently
    • Leaders Who Attract Followers….Spend Time with Others ; Leaders Who Develop Leaders Invest Time in Others
    • Leaders Who Attract Followers….Grow by Addition; Leaders Who Develop Leaders Grow by Multiplication

It sounds so simple to focus on developing leaders instead of followers, but the reality is it is difficult.  It’s difficult because leaders are:

  • Hard to find.
  • Hard to gather.
  • Hard to keep.

It’s worth the effort because leaders who develop leaders experience an incredible multiplication effect that cannot be replicated any other way.

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