intentional leadership growth

Masterminds are excellent for accelerating your personal & professional growth.  All of Richard’s Masterminds offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting that will rapidly advance your business and personal skills. The result is a more purposeful existence producing a life of significance.  Choose from short-term book studies to the more intensive, long-term Exponential Growth Mastermind for serious professionals.

Short Term Masterminds

Intentional Living

A 10-week journey where you can achieve meaning and significance, and create a legacy that will shine/outlast/live on long after you’ve passed. The secret is intentional living. This mastermind is here to help YOU stop letting life happen to you, and start happening to your life.

The Search for Significance

  • Understand the nature of our significance.
  • Recognize & challenge inadequate answers.
  • Apply God’s solutions to our search for signifcance.

The 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth

An 8-week journey on taking action on something we often only think about – reaching our potential.  We must intentionally push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and get into the growth zone if we want to live a life of significance. By joining this Mastermind you will walk away with clarity & life changing results. You’re guaranteed a life changing experience; realizing your full potential.

Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn

We’ve all been there; life is tough & it’s even tougher when we lose.  Every single one of us has experienced a disappointing loss, but not all of us are capable of turning that loss into a significant gain. By joining this 8-week Mastermind you will learn how to live a more purposeful & impactful life; how to turn life’s negative events into an opportunity for intentional growth.

Looking for something deeper?

Designed exclusively for results-driven high performers, entrepreneurs, & high creatives – this unique Mastermind provides you with the specific insights, strategies and leadership development you need to achieve alignment, clarity, & results.

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Mastermind Features Include:

  • Monthly problem-solving peer group meetings; via ZOOM video conferencing
  • Professional facilitation by seasoned leadership coach & trainer Richard Rierson
  • Monthly, personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions producing actionable growth steps
  • Up to 6 training workshops a year led with special “Dose of Leadership” inner circle guests

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